Tank Accessories

We have a range of accessories to assist with your tank water including filters, first flush diverters and level indicators.

  • 20m coil of 50mm Polydrain slotted pipe

    20m coil of 50mm Polydrain slotted pipe

    Polydrain is the recommended drain coil for use with our eco-Care grey water recycling system.   It is a 50mm black drain coil with slots pre-cut so that the water can easily move along the pipe and out through the slots into the soil...
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  • Standard First Flush Device Kit

    Standard First Flush Device Kit

    First-flush diverters are important to tank water quality. When it rains, water slowly builds up in the roof guttering system before it enters the downpipe. At this time the water is saturated with all the 'nasties'- dirt, pollens, bird droppings...
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  • Tank Water Level Display with float

    Tank Water Level Display with float

    Installation Instructions: You will need a hole cutter in the size range of  45mm - 55mm and a power drill for the hole cutter plus, a driver bit for the stainless steel screws. 1.   Decide on the best location on the top of the tank so...
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  • Leaf Eater -

    Leaf Eater -

    The Leaf Eater is a fantastic product that actually keeps all of the leaves out of your tank.   Installed immediately below the guttering, the water falls out of the guttering and through the stainless steel wire mesh while the leaves hit the...
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  • Levetator - Water Level Indicator

    Levetator - Water Level Indicator

     Australia's most popular water tank gauge. Since it's birth in 1985, more than 40,000 Levetators continue to indicate water level on all types of tanks throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific Islands, Middle East and Central America...
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