The price of brass has increased dramatically since our last price adjustment 15-months ago so the prices on the web site now reflect the current world price of brass.

Made in Australia!   All of these brass NPT to BSP or USGT fittings are made in Australia from DR brass and are stronger, have a better finish and are of a higher quality than those imported from overseas (we still have a couple of sizes that are imported).   Our brass sockets are made in Asia and we have been supplying this brand for 20+ years, they are also DR brass and made to Australian Standards and are Watermark Approved.  We guarantee that the DR Brass used in our brass fittings is actually DR brass.   All of our female BSP threads are BSPP parallel thread.   The fittings listed here are BSPP parallel OR BSPT tapered thread x NPT or USGT.   The easy way to tell which is BSPT and which is NPT, NPT threads are sharp on top and BSPT and BSPP are rounded or blunt. 

To identify the threads that you have, measure across the male thread carefully and refer to the list below.   Please note that while we may call a thread 1" BSP or 25mm this is not the measurement across the thread, it is the nominal internal diameter so, to avoid issues, please measure the threads that you need to connect.  

3/4" BSP is 26.44mm across and 3/4" NTP is 26.67mm across.   1 " BSP is 33.25mm across and 1" NPT is 33.40mm across.   1 1/4" BSP is 41.91mm and 1 1/4" NPT is 42.16mm.   1 1/2" BSP is 47.83mm and 1 1/2" NPT is 48.26mm.   2" BSP is 59.61mm and 2" NPT is 60.33mm.